Induction Heating Equipment
Standard-sized for industrial use, induction heating equipment operates at 415V with a 5 to 25 kW input power range. It utilizes electromagnetic fields to heat materials like mild steel and iron precisely, crucial for brazing, forging, and welding. Its reliability and speed enhance productivity and material properties in manufacturing processes.
Induction Brazing Machine
Operating at 415 volts, an induction brazing machine, often semi-automatic, uses electricity for joining metal components. Through high-frequency electromagnetic fields, it selectively heats brazing material, forming strong bonds without damaging parts. This precise process minimizes distortion, ideal for joining pipes, fittings, and electrical components, enhancing production efficiency and quality.
Induction Heating Coil
An induction heating coil, standard-sized and crafted from stainless steel using the hot rolled technique, is a vital component in industrial settings. It generates electromagnetic fields to induce heat within conductive materials, essential for processes like brazing and welding. Its industrial-grade construction ensures durability, efficiency, and precise heating control.

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